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    10 Steps The UK Took Towards Online Voting This Year

    Have a look at why 2014 has been a positive year for those campaigning for online voting in elections.

    1. Ideas were discussed

    2. The Electoral Commission said we should consider it

    3. WebRoots Democracy was set up

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    WebRoots Democracy was set up in May to campaign for "the introduction of online voting in Local and General Elections" and to "reverse growing political apathy and low electoral turnout in the UK".

    4. Mr Speaker said we should have it

    5. Rick Edwards called for it in his TEDx talk

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    "Voting should be online. There is no question.

    It is crazy that in 2015 we are expecting young people to go and queue up to tick a box on a bit of paper, behind a curtain in a village hall.

    They're digital natives. We've got to take voting to where they are, to where we'll all be in a few years time."

    6. Sky News hosted a debate on the issue

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    "Many government services are already available on the internet - from applying for a driving licence to submitting tax returns.

    Even the Census has been given a 21st century makeover, with an online form available for the first time in 2011.

    Why then is Britain yet to introduce a virtual ballot box alongside the conventional pen and paper?"

    7. The Labour Party announced plans to introduce it

    8. More people showed their support for it

    9. A discussion on it was held during Parliament Week

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    A panel discussion was held during Parliament Week with Chloe Smith MP, Amy Lamé, Smartmatic's Mike Summers, vInspired's Rachel Stroud, and the British Youth Council's Mita Desai.

    10. MPs started calling for it