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If People Talked To Everybody The Way They Talk To Teachers

"You get summers off and just play with kids all day the rest of the year!" Here's our take on what it might sound like if other professionals were targets of the kinds of ignorant statements teachers always hear.

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To a Computer Programmer ...

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"Wow. Must be tough. You work with other people's computers all day and then you have to go home and be with your own computer."

To an Attorney ...

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"Did you know that if you show your lawyer ID, you can get 10 percent off law books and supplies for your office?"

To a Chef ...

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"You got two degrees and a pastry certification just to cook in a restaurant? I can cook and I didn't go to school at all!"

To a Veterinarian ...

Cheezburger / Via

"That must be fun! You just get to play with puppies and kittens all day!"

To an Office Manager ...

The Office / Via

"Just a tip: If you set up your office routines right from day one, the office will basically just run itself."

To a Nuclear Scientist ...

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"I've always thought it would be fun to be a nuclear scientist. Maybe when I retire from my real job and have some spare time on my hands ..."

To a CEO ...

Reddit / Via

"You manage how many people? That's insane! That's just too many people for you to give proper care and attention to."

To a Marketer ...


"Oh, my favorite marketer was old Mrs. Jorgenson, who marketed her cupcake business to me years ago. That woman was just a genius. She actually had me wanting cupcakes every day for three months."

To a Film Producer ...

Titanic / Via

"I saw this blog article on the internet and the blogger had this adorable printable movie script. You should totally download it and use it in your next movie."

To a Social Media Manager ...

FunnyCuteGifs / Via

"You get paid to be on Facebook all day?"

To a Professional Basketball Player ...

Pheonix Suns / Via

"From tip-off to ending buzzer, your games last like 3 hours. So what, you work, like, 9 hours a week?"

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