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    "I Teach For 7 Straight Hours In Stilletos And Never Stop Smiling!" What Stock Photos Tell Us About Teaching

    Pull up a seat, take a breath, relax, and enjoy these 21 images that reaffirm what teaching is all about. After all, you know these realistic stock photos sum up your day. By WeAreTeachers Visit us at


    “It’s so easy to get kids working silently. So easy, in fact, that I can turn my back and relax a bit.”


    "I can't uncross my arms.”


    Getty Images/TongRo Image Stock RF TongRo Image Stock

    “It’s OK that I’ve explained this problem a million times. I’m confident this is the explanation that will turn on that lightbulb.”


    “Spending my lunchtime cleaning my classroom and putting away the books my students leave on the floor is my absolute favorite.”


    Getty Images/iStockphoto Estudi M6

    “Like I said, this is a really complicated and unnecessary equation, but I love, love, love writing on the chalkboard.”


    “I love apples so much that I carry them everywhere. Watch me balance an apple on this stack of books.”


    Getty Images Digital Vision

    “My students love to talk about long division. Not one of them is raising a hand to ask how much longer until recess.”


    Getty Images Digital Vision.

    “Communication with parents is always easy-peasy. In fact, I'm looking forward to talking about, you know, that one behavior incident.”


    Getty Images/iStockphoto Gualtiero Boffi

    “After school, I like to stand in my immaculate classroom and reflect on a job well done.”


    "Students are always so easy to engage. All it takes is a workbook and pencil."


    "If my smile ever starts to fade, I just think about the after-school committee meetings I have to look forward to."


    Getty Images/iStockphoto AVAVA

    “You wouldn’t believe how much of my day consists of quiet work time.”


    “Can you believe there are only seven students in my kindergarten class? I can!"


    "Hey, look! I only have seven students too. It's the perfect number!"


    “I can get so much planning done while my students work independently. This one behind me is leading the class in a math lesson.”


    “I have loads of quality one-on-one time every day with my students.”


    Jasmin Merdan - Fotolia

    “Ah, student participation is so easy. Which hand to choose?”


    “I'm not at all nervous that my students are going to break all the beakers that I had to buy with my own money.”


    Getty Images/iStockphoto michaeljung

    "My students are just riveted by our geography textbook. They can't take their eyes off it!"


    "Sure, my neck hurts but this juicy red apple sure makes up for it."


    "Teaching is all cashmere and pearls, pearls and cashmere. In fact, I don't even have students."

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