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    Don't Even Say It! 15 Questions That No Teacher Wants To Hear

    You are happy to see students' hands raised ... until you hear one of these questions come out of their mouths.

    1. "Did we have any homework last night?"

    There's. Homework. Every. Day. Never mind.

    2. "You're not married? Why not? Don't you even have a boyfriend?"

    Umm, moving on ...

    3. "Do I need a pencil?"

    Followed by "You never said we were going to need a pencil."

    4. "Why do you always wear that shirt?"

    Note to self: Go shopping.

    5. "Are we supposed to do this assignment?"

    You mean the assignment I just spent the last 10 minutes explaining? Yes.

    6. "Did we do anything yesterday? I was out."

    Yes. This is the question that can make a teacher's head explode.

    7. "Are you going to have a baby?"

    And when you say no, you hear, "Well, are you ever going to have a baby?"

    8. "What's wrong with eating Taco Bell in class?"

    9. "How old are you? Were you alive during the Civil War?"

    10. "I just want to know—what time does class end?"

    Put your hand down, Sparky.

    11. "Where did ALL these baby hamsters come from?"

    12. Can this test be open book?"

    No notes!

    13. "Do we have to read this?"

    14. The day after grades are submitted—"Can I do extra credit?"

    15. "Why is Freddy floating? Is he sleeping?"

    Poor Freddy.

    Teachers: What question would you add to this list?

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