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    31 Amazing Teacher Halloween Costumes

    These are teachers who go all out! Here are 31 costumes that will impress your students and (some) that reinforce your teaching. Thanks to the many educators who shared their Halloween duds.

    1. A told B and B told C ...

    2. Falling Dominoes

    3. Turtle Power!

    4. The Opposite of Bite-Size

    5. See How They Run

    6. Minions

    7. Old-School

    8. Rainbow Fish

    9. Olivia

    10. Bring the Old House in Paris to Life

    11. The Swamp

    12. Guess Who!

    13. The Book Fairy

    14. The Jolly Green Giant

    15. Super-Teachers

    16. The Potato Heads

    17. The Classic

    18. Get Graphing

    19. A Full Forecast

    20. Cow Pie

    21. Let the Games Begin

    22. Wowsers!

    23. From the Art Bin

    24. A Bad Case of Stripes

    25. Doggone It

    26. Halloween Idioms

    27. Little Pig, Little Pig

    28. The Professor

    29. Some Pig

    30. College Ruled

    31. On the Wall