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    27 GIFS That Nail The Life Of A Teacher

    Teaching: one of the most rewarding, challenging, beautiful, heartbreaking, and other-sets-of-contradicting-adjectives professions out there. Here's a little taste of the teacher life in GIF form.

    1. When friends ask what you're doing this weekend

    2. Halfway through parent conference day

    3. When your seat doesn't face the front in a faculty meeting

    4. Chaperoning the school dance

    Unable to not participate.

    5. When you find out one of your favorite students/coworkers/anyone is moving

    Or when any class graduates ever.

    6. When you're getting observed on a particularly awesome day

    7. When you're interrupted during your conference period

    8. Any conversation about budget ever

    9. When someone asks if you're tired

    10. When Halloween and a pep rally and a full moon align

    11. A standard greeting

    12. Another standard greeting

    13. Friday nights


    15. Every year during DEVOLSON

    (The Dark, Evil Vortex of Late September, October, and November)

    16. At the end of a field trip

    17. When a child thanks you

    18. When you remember that grades were due by 2:15

    19. When your coworker needs a pep talk

    20. The best response to someone being completely out of line

    21. When the faculty potluck runs out before you even get there

    22. When students are misbehaving during an assembly

    23. The best teaching moments

    24. The worst teaching moments

    25. Your only thought during professional development

    26. What you want to say when someone asks for extra credit after doing no work for 9 weeks

    27. The last day of school

    Love, Teach teaches middle school English and blogs about it here and for WeAreTeachers. You can follow her on Facebook or on Twitter. She stopped halfway through writing this post to see if Kindergarten Cop is on Netflix.

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