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27 Awesome Straight-Talk Quotes About Teaching

No question, teaching is one of the toughest and most satisfying gigs around. We've gathered 27 of our favorite quotes on the high-wire act that is being a teacher. Save them for that day when it's raining papers to grade and IEP forms and you need a little inspiration.

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1. The Mission Statement:

2. On Kindness:

3. On the Importance of Play (and Mud and Glitter):

4. Assess That!

5. On the Kids Who Drive You a Little Bit Crazy:

6. On the Real Reform Movement:

7. On the Peanut Gallery:

8. On the New Day:

9. On Hard Work:

10. On the Wide Divide:

11. On the Quiet Battles Every Teacher Fights:

12. On Why We Need to Reduce the Amount of Testing:

13. On the Tough Realities:

14. On Billy Budd and The Pearl (insert your least favorite book here):

15. On the Importance of Tying Your Own Shoes and Doing Your Own College Apps:

16. On the Absolutes:

17. On the Real Experts:

18. On the World We Help Make:

19. On the Absurdities of Testing:

20. On Playing the Odds:

21. From the Always Amazing Toni Morrison:

22. On the Importance of a Classroom Library:

23. On Teaching as Performance:

24. On Trusting Your Students:

25. On the Challenge of Lesson Planning:

26. On Dancing to Your Own Tune:

27. On the Final Word:

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