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    25 Awesome Anchor Charts For Teaching Writing

    Anchor charts are a great way to make thinking visible as you record strategies, processes, cues, guidelines and other content during the learning process. Here are 25 of our favorite charts for teaching your students all about writing. This is the first post in the Teaching Young Writers blog series sponsored by Zaner-Bloser's Strategies for Writers.

    1. The Why Behind Writers Workshop

    2. Setting Goals

    3. Writers Workshop 101

    4. Checking Off the Six Traits

    5. Writing Realistic Fiction

    6. First, Next, Then, Finally

    7. The Elements of Informational Writing

    8. Oreo Opinions

    9. Student Reporters

    10. Get Argumentative

    11. Pre-Writing Strategy

    12. Organized Beginnings and Endings

    13. Stoplight Paragraphs

    14. From the Beginning

    15. Power Up Student Sentences

    16. Show, Don't Tell

    17. Sentences That Do the Heavy Lifting

    18. Add Author's Voice

    19. No More "Said"

    20. Evidence Supported

    21. CUPS Revising and Editing Marks

    22. Spicy Edits

    23. Conference Starters

    24. Publishing Guidelines

    25. The Final Touch