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    24 Things That Will Get Any Teacher Pumped For Back-To-School

    Turn that feet-dragging into full-on jitterbugging (with jazz hands) with this list!

    Summer (or whatever days we're not in workshops or professional development) is heavenly for teachers. Long lunches with friends and quality time with family. Not setting that 5 AM alarm. Going to movies alone in the middle of a weekday. The freedom to use the restroom whenever.


    Even though we love our jobs, the realization that summer is coming to an end can feel like grieving the loss of a dear friend. But here are 24 things that will kick your teacher self into gear and get you pumped to be back in the classroom!

    1. This message from Kid President.

    View this video on YouTube

    2. This genius list of brown bag lunch ideas.

    3. And this beautiful brown leather lunch bag to put them in.

    4. Or one of these bad boys you can get monogrammed.

    5. This poem by Taylor Mali.

    I read it every year before school starts. PREACH, Taylor.

    6. One of these spiral notebooks.

    7. This clever shirt for English teachers.

    8. Or math.

    9. Don't worry, science. I've got you covered.

    10. You, too, social studies.

    11. This adorable lip dub video by high school students which inexplicably made me sob

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    Pine-Richland High School, you're the #realdeal.

    12. This book.

    13. One of these fun totes that has a complete literary work printed on it!

    14. This quote.

    15. This music teacher's amazing April Fool's Day prank.

    View this video on YouTube

    I've recreated this by "catching" one of my students on one of my old, non-working cell phones I planted with a student who was in on it. There was much rejoicing.

    16. These outer space socks that will win on Crazy Sock Day.

    17. Or perhaps these lovely alpacas?

    18. This handsome red stapler and the sense of awe and wonder it naturally evokes.

    19. This time that Ellen celebrated a teacher and the whole world cried.

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    20. This teaching hack that will change everything.

    21. This perfect list of bulletin board ideas.

    22. These recipes you can throw in the slow cooker before school and come home to simmering perfection.

    23. Um, this Gryffindor lanyard FOR OBVIOUS REASONS

    24. These back-to-school pencils made of candy.

    There! Aren't we feeling better now?

    Here's to hoping 2015-16 is your best year ever!