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    21 Teachers Who Nailed The Holidays

    In the countdown to winter vacation, there are only so many days for teachers to spread holiday cheer—and these teachers got it just right.

    1. The teacher who coiffed Rudolph hair. Wow, kudos.

    2. The teacher who talked every single colleague into sporting the reindeer look.

    3. Any teacher who's willing to use this Santa-hat pocket chart.

    4. The teacher who had his middle school students create a Christmas tree out of recycled soda cans.

    5. The teacher who embraced his inner Scrooge.

    6. The teacher who knows how to make candy canes ERUPT! (DIY directions are here).

    7. The music teacher who announced her pregnancy with a parody music video of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" from Frozen.

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    8. These teachers who invented Elf Day and celebrated it with bells on.

    9. The teachers behind these holiday doors.

    10. The teacher who is INSIDE this living Christmas tree.

    11. The teacher who turned a holiday door into a holiday hallway.

    12. The teacher who stuffed stockings with final exam tips.

    13. The teacher who Santa-ized the hand sanitizer.

    14. The art teacher who rocked these Santa slip-ons.

    15. The teachers who crafted Christmas skirts and were brave enough to wear them. (Hmm ... also reusable as tree skirts!)

    16. The teachers in Florida and elsewhere who worked with their students to pack food "backpacks" to ensure kids in need don't go hungry over the long break.

    17. The teacher who gave Dr. Seuss his due and celebrated Grinch Day in style.

    18. This teacher who gave himself a grade for his ugly holiday sweater.

    19. The teacher who can rock reading and holiday themes at the same time!

    20. The teacher who knows a little reading over winter break is a good thing. It might even give parents a few moments of holiday peace and quiet!

    21. The teacher who filled these with nog and handed them out when the last bell rang for winter break.