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    21 Teacher Problems Every Educator Faces (As Told In Tina Fey Gifs)

    Because if there is one celeb who gets your struggles, it's probably Tina Fey.

    1. When you use your teacher voice on your spouse, kids, your neighbors, the waiter ... #teacherproblems

    2. Your new laminated color-coded organization system or jungle-themed classroom library checkout procedure was the highlight of your week. #teacherproblems

    3. When you have after-school coaching duties and you're still expected to be at the after-school faculty meeting AT THE SAME TIME. #teacherproblems

    4. "Ran into a student of mine while buying wine at the grocery store. He asked me what I was doing and his mother interrupted, 'She’s going to have a good night, leave her alone.'" –Stephanie G. #teacherproblems

    5. Can't wait to go home on Friday night, only to be up early Saturday grading papers. #teacherproblems

    6. Those inevitable personal questions from students: "When are you going to have babies?" "Why aren't you married yet?" #teacherproblems

    7. "When you've been lulled into complacency by the photocopier and you realize that your next class started four minutes ago." —Amy L. #teacherproblems

    8. "After spending all week surrounded by people and talking all day, the last thing you want to do is socialize on the weekend." —Lea D. #teacherproblems

    9. When students complain about having to stand for five minutes (in line, for an activity) when you’ve been on your feet all day. #teacherproblems

    10. That lesson that you spent two hours planning took less than 30 seconds for your class to complete. #teacherproblems

    11. It's payday and you're excited because you can't wait to buy that new set of smelly markers, fraction tiles or easy readers you've been eyeing. #teacherproblems

    12. PD icebreakers. Enough said. #teacherproblems

    13. When it's way more stressful to prep the sub plans and leave your class with a substitute than to just go in to work sick. #teacherproblems

    14. When you have to cancel the first big night out in weeks to fill in as a prom chaperone. #teacherproblems

    15. When it's the last few weeks of school and you're forced into desperate measures to keep your students' attention. #teacherproblems

    16. When an ugly breakup is quietly going down in study hall and you're doing your best not to call attention to it. #teacherproblems

    17. When you get volunteered by your principal to lead yet another committee next semester because you're so darn competent. #teacherproblems

    18. When eating lunch in 20 seconds flat and dining while grading, lesson planning and returning email has wreaked havoc with your table manners. #teacherproblems

    19. When the Internet works absolutely everywhere you go—the neighboring classroom, the grocery store, Starbucks, the middle of nowhere—EXCEPT your classroom. #teacherproblems

    20. When you grade the stack of papers that aren't due back until next week, instead of the ones you promised for tomorrow. #teacherproblems

    21. When you're going to miss your students and your classroom, but you're still going to enjoy every minute of your summer break! #teacherproblems