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17 Retro School Supplies We Wish Were On Our Shopping Lists

Forget iPads and hand sanitizer. As back-to-school shopping starts up, these are the school supplies we remember fondly.

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1. Cardboard Pencil Boxes


No stronger than a shoe box, these things were usually falling apart by October. But they were a great place to stash your scented stickers, forbidden gum and, yes, sometimes your pencils.

3. Anything Lisa Frank


This '80s-cool brand has had a resurgence recently, so you can find fluorescent tigers in stores again. But nothing beats the square-dancing teddy bears and wide-eyed ponies of our youth.

4. Trapper Keepers


Choosing your Trapper Keeper was serious business. Ten-year-olds don't make many nine-month-long commitments—how were you supposed to know how you'd feel about a Caribbean sunset a year from now? Ultimately, you just had to take a leap of faith.

10. Metal Lunch Box and Matching Thermos


Kids, back in the day our moms didn't pack us elaborate bento-style lunches that they photographed, hashtagged and added to Instagram. Instead we got a peanut butter sandwich and a Twinkie tossed into one of these.

11. Old-School Jansport Backpacks


These days you are more likely to find kids wheeling their backpacks down the street or carrying something a bit more ... stylish. But old-school Jansports still sell for a pretty penny on Etsy and eBay!

15. Erasable Pens


The erasable pen is not really very good at being a pen or being erasable, so it's somewhat understandable that it has fallen by the wayside. But we'll forever remember the novelty of doing math homework in ink!

17. Calculator Watches


Today's kids have smartphones that they can more or less use to program rocket launches. We had calculator watches that could do very simple calculations AND tell the time. I think we know who the winner is here.

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