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    14 Valentine's Day Surprises That Show Your Students You Love Them

    On Valentine's Day, your shoebox mailbox will be filled with cards, candy and trinkets. Don't forget to show your students how much you care. Here are 14 Valentine's Day gifts you can give your students that don't break the bank (though some of them will dip in to your stockpile of school supplies).

    1. You're the Hi-Lite of My Day

    Package highlighters in baggies with a bow and note and you've stocked your classroom with annotation materials with this Valentine's gift.

    2. Valentine's Day Word Find

    More a centerpiece than a gift, a bunch of sprinkles or confetti, printed Valentine's Day words, and a bottle are all you need to create a fun word find activity.

    3. Popcorn Confetti

    White chocolate, popcorn and M&Ms create this unique tasty treat.

    4. Valentine's Day Bag Toppers

    Make unique printable bag toppers to put on top of treat bags filled with candy or goodies. (Find the printable at

    5. Bubble Wands

    Bubble wands, bows and cards make for a personalized valentine.

    6. Popsicle Stick Puzzle

    Students could make their own heart puzzles during class, or create these Popsicle stick puzzles for your class during an evening of Netflix binge watching.

    7. Candy Pencils

    There's a pack of Rolos inside these cute candy pencils. Find how to make them here:

    8. Just Write

    Here's a way to say Happy Valentine's Day and make sure that every student has a pencil (for one day, at least). Here's the printable.

    9. Reading Reminder

    These printable bookmarks are good for any grade level. (Find the printable here:

    10. Caterpillar Pencils

    You can incorporate notes to your students, inspirational quotes or encouraging reminders on these caterpillar pencil valentines.

    11. Candy Arrows

    These easy-to-make treats are cute, fun and not too overloaded with sugar.

    12. You Rule

    These ruler valentines are a sweet way to introduce measuring and also make sure everyone has a ruler they can use for homework.

    13. Tic-Tac-Toe

    Pass out Tic Tacs and tic-tac-toe boards to engage kids during a Valentine's Day party.

    14. Butterfly Lollipops

    Facebook: TheImaginationTree

    Make these treats with Tootsie Pops, googly eyes and paper butterfly cutouts.

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