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    12 Glorious Ways To Organize Classroom Supplies

    We get it: Classroom supplies can get all sorts of unorganized when kiddos get their hands on them. Ditch the clutter with these colorful solutions. Disclaimer: We accept zero responsibility for what happens after the marker cap comes off.

    1. Colorful Countertop Decor

    What the Teacher Wants / Via

    Mason jars can get pricey. Scour summer garage sales to snag yours for a bargain, then label and fill it with everyday supplies.

    2. Magic Markers

    Life in Fifth Grade / Via

    Free up counter space with a simple wall hanging that can hold markers, pencils or other vertical supplies.

    3. Art Cart

    Tinkerlab / Via

    Put your supplies on wheels with this colorful art cart—a perfect way to hide a mess on the fly. Sing it with me now: "I like to move it, move it" (Reel 2 Real).

    4. Readbox

    The Brown Bag Teacher / Via

    Turn reading into entertainment by having your students check out and return books from their very own Readbox. Student buy-in: Check!

    5. Grab-and-Go Dice

    The Starr Spangled Planner / Via

    Never lose dice again. Students can shake and roll directly from these containers. Crisis averted.

    6. Pencil Problems

    Once Upon a Classroom / Via

    Assign your students a corresponding pencil number to teach accountability and minimize the inevitable lost pencil question. Voilà.

    7. Forget the Straws

    Playful Learning / Via

    Whether it's washi tape, ribbon or plain old Scotch tape, use a straw holder to organize these items and take back your drawer space.

    8. Binder Clips

    Literacy Loves Company / Via

    Forget the store-bought binder clip tabs that will easily eat away at your classroom supply budget, and opt for making your own. Get jazzy with colored markers and glitter (if that's your sort of thing).

    9. Chromatic Crayons

    Sugar Bee Crafts / Via

    Add a vivid visual to shelf space by color-coding crayon containers with patterned paper. (Say that 10 times fast).

    10. Organize the Small Stuff

    RedBook / Via

    Use a spice jar to contain those pesky necessities like tacks, rubber bands or stickers. Bonus: These tiny jars are easily transportable; simply toss one in your bag to take home with you.

    11. Playful Erasers

    First Grade Blue Skies / Via

    How's this for fun? Keep your eyes peeled for an affordable gumball machine for erasers. It's a useful way to get your students involved, albeit not as tasty.

    12. Stop Stacking

    Adventures in Teaching / Via

    Say sayonara to messy stacks of paper. It's like an instant sigh of relief.

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