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    33 Brilliant Parent And Child Halloween Costume Ideas

    You only have so many years to force (ahem...we mean lovingly persuade) your kids to dress up in a matching Halloween costume. (Bonus if you have a baby because they don't complain at all!) We love these awesome costume ideas for families, fathers/daughters, mother/sons, etc. They're anything but ordinary and just might help you bring home the win in that group costume category.

    1. Going to the Movies

    2. Minecraft

    3. Back to the Future

    4. Alice in Wonderland

    5. The Barista and Latte

    6. Minions

    7. Little Red Riding Hood

    8. Sushi and Chef

    9. Ninja Turtles

    10. The Classics

    11. Wayne and Garth

    12. The Empire State Building and King Kong

    13. Puppet and Marrionette

    14. Curious George

    15. Three Little Pigs

    16. The Incredibles

    17. The Not-So-Incredible Superheroes

    18. Up, Up, and Away

    19. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

    20. Ratatouille

    21. Scooby Doo

    22. Rainbow Brite

    23. Ghostbusters

    24. Trolls

    25. The Hangover

    26. Trophies Take the Gold

    27. Hagrid and the Wizards

    28. The Flintstones

    29. The Munsters

    30. Roasting a Marshmallow

    31. Batman and Robin

    32. Rag Dolls

    33. Shark Attack