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    33 Brilliant Parent And Child Halloween Costume Ideas

    You only have so many years to force (ahem...we mean lovingly persuade) your kids to dress up in a matching Halloween costume. (Bonus if you have a baby because they don't complain at all!) We love these awesome costume ideas for families, fathers/daughters, mother/sons, etc. They're anything but ordinary and just might help you bring home the win in that group costume category.

    1. Going to the Movies


    Would you like extra butter on your popcorn?

    2. Minecraft


    Don't fight over who gets to be the creeper.

    3. Back to the Future


    The vest is spot on. The Doc Brown hair is perfect. And the's just genius.

    4. Alice in Wonderland

    Why yes that is Neil Patrick Harris and his adorable family.

    5. The Barista and Latte


    Don't forget the whipped cream.

    6. Minions


    Sure you could buy Minion costumes from the store, but these homemade ones stole our hearts.

    7. Little Red Riding Hood


    When your little girl wants to be the Big Bad Wolf, then you roll up your sleeves and dress as Little Red.

    8. Sushi and Chef


    Okay parental responsible with those chopsticks!

    9. Ninja Turtles


    No one remembers the female sidekick from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but this mom did. Kudos to you! (Psst: The character name is April O'Neil.)

    10. The Classics

    Why yes that is Neil Patrick Harris again, looking scary and oh-so awesome with his family in classic characters like Frankenstein and Dracula.

    11. Wayne and Garth

    You daughter won't have a clue who she is, but all your buddies are going to high five you for this costume.

    12. The Empire State Building and King Kong


    Any mom can dress her child up as a monkey, but not every mom is cool enough to wear a building on her head at the same time.

    13. Puppet and Marrionette


    Now that 1970s pimp outfit has another use this Halloween.

    14. Curious George


    This might be the best hat we've seen in quite some time for Man with the Yellow Hat!

    15. Three Little Pigs


    Little pig, little pig, let me in!

    16. The Incredibles


    You'll never go wrong with superheroes.

    17. The Not-So-Incredible Superheroes

    Rachael Liska

    These superhero parents are retiring, so our future is up to their youngins. We give this family major props for mixing up the traditional superhero costume.

    18. Up, Up, and Away


    Hands down, one of the cutest parent/child costumes out there.

    19. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz


    Every bee colony needs a queen and a beekeeper.

    20. Ratatouille


    Why just have a little rat for Halloween when you could be his chef? This Disney-inspired costume is easy to put together.

    21. Scooby Doo

    Stacy Tornio

    Scooby Doo has endless character combinations. Find the right fit for your family.

    22. Rainbow Brite


    Can you name that little white puffy character?


    23. Ghostbusters


    If there's something strange in your neighborhood. Who ya gonna call?

    24. Trolls


    You can't find a better family-friendly 70s costume.

    25. The Hangover


    Use your own baby or borrow a baby...just get a baby!

    26. Trophies Take the Gold


    Get some gold paint. And then buy some more. This costume is going to need it and it's totally worth it.

    27. Hagrid and the Wizards


    We've seen Harry Potter done in many ways, but this is one of our favorites.

    28. The Flintstones


    Yabba dabba doo! Major bonus points if you can make the car, too!

    29. The Munsters


    Why stop at just two? Pull together a whole Munster family!

    30. Roasting a Marshmallow


    It's the perfect costume for the parents who doesn't really want to dress up.

    31. Batman and Robin


    There are a lot of villains out there to conquer.

    32. Rag Dolls


    You will have so much fun putting these together with your daughter.

    33. Shark Attack


    It's not Halloween unless there's a little bit of fake blood.

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