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    22 Words Your Kids Use That You Probably Don't Understand

    Kids these days—what the heck are they saying, and more importantly, what does it mean? If you find yourself a big clueless, don’t worry. We’re here to help with some of the top slang being thrown down days. Get ready to kick it. (Actually, don’t say that. No one is really kicking it anymore.) But we do hope to increase your coolness factor by a couple of notches.

    1. Bae


    [bey, bay]

    n. A term used for affection, in the place of baby, sweetie, and honey-love-sugar-chops.

    “I’ve been with my bae for 6 weeks. She totally gets me.”

    2. Boo


    n. A term of affection, used interchangeably with bae, or by kids dressed up as ghosts for Halloween.

    “My boo has a nasty cold. I hope he gets better soon."

    3. Yaaaaasssss



    adv. A longer, drawn out expression of happiness when “yes” just won’t cut it. (Feel free to add as many a and s letters as you’d like.)

    “My selfie just hit 500 likes! Yaaaaaaaasssssssssss.”

    4. Ratchet



    adj. An expression of disbelief and overall disgust, made famous by the song “Selfie” from The Chainsmokers.

    “That’s so ratchet. That girl is such a fake model. She definitely bought all her Instagram followers.”

    5. I can’t even


    [I can’t eeee-ven]

    adv. A phrase used when something is just too cute, too funny, too weird, too scary, too angry, too unbelievable, or just too…everything.

    “You went to Starbucks and didn’t get me anything?! I can’t even!”

    6. What are those?


    [What are th-OOOOO-se]

    adv. A question that pops up on social media when someone attempts to pull off the rainbow motorcycle boots they found at the thrift store. (Note: Don’t try this phrase unless you have the delivery down pat, which includes deliberate finger pointing.)

    “What are those?!?!”

    7. Swerve



    inj. A modern day version of “whatever.”

    PERSON 1: “Hey, why you gotta be ignoring my texts?!”

    PERSON 2: “Swerve.” (And then promptly walk away.)

    8. Hashtag



    n. A word or phrase, which is usually preceded with a # mark. It is now an acceptable phrase in conversation, not just in social media. (Note: Bonus points if you can make the hashtag motion with your hands while saying it.)

    “This season of Walking Dead seems pretty weak to me. I’m so hashtag over it.”

    9. Who dat?



    inj. A phrase used when you don’t have time to say “who is that?”

    PERSON 1: “We’re all going to the game later.”

    PERSON 2: “Who dat?”

    10. Turnt up


    [Tern-t up]

    adj. An action, which most teens are using to say they’re really excited. (Note: Some use it interchangeably with getting drunk or high.)

    “The team made the playoffs. Let’s get turnt up!”

    11. Netflix and chill


    [Net-flix and chil]

    v. A phrase which means to actually watch Netflix and relax for some. However, it’s also used as a euphemism for the other things teens are known to do while “watching” movies.

    “You and me, bae—we’re going to Netflix and chill in my basement tonight.”

    12. Totes



    adv. A fun and light-hearted phrase, often said in place of “yes” when you don’t have the time or energy to say totally.

    PERSON 1: "Are you coming to my party?"

    PERSON 2: "Totes!"

    13. Amazeballs


    adj. An expression of excitement when something is more than just amazing.

    “Sydney’s dance moves are amazeballs.”

    14. Cray cray


    [krey, krey]

    adj. A phrase to describe a person, event, or situation that is more than just crazy.

    “Your mom said curfew is at 11? Dude, that’s just cray, cray.”

    15. Squad



    n. A word to describe a group of your friends who you feel affection or loyalty for. (Note: This replaces former slang like peeps, posse, crew, and gang.)

    “The whole squad is going to be there. You have to come!”

    16. Binge watch


    [bingj watch]

    v. To watch a show excessively, usually one episode right after another, until you’ve completed the entire series.

    “I can’t make it tonight. I have a date with my couch to binge watch Orange is the New Black."

    17. FOMO



    adj. A phrase used both in social media and regular conversation, which stands for “fear of missing out.”

    “I don’t care if I have strep throat. I have a serious case of FOMO, too.”

    18. Insta



    v. An action often performed by teens, which includes taking a picture with the intent of posting it to Instagram.

    “Hold on, hold on—I want insta this moment.”

    19. Perf



    adj. A description of excitement when you agree something is perfect.

    “Gah! Those shoes with that dress is totally perf!”

    20. Throw shade


    [throh sheyd]

    v. To talk about someone in an unflattering way.

    “Girl, she was totally throwing shade at you last night.”

    21. Tope



    adj. A word created from tight and dope, which means you are both of those things, and so, so much more.

    “The combination of your smarts and b-ball skills are totally tope.”

    22. Baller



    n. A person who has officially “made it” or has exceptional skills in a specific area.

    “Have you seen Mark's moves in Glee Club? He’s a total baller.”

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