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    14 Reasons Your Child Will Not Go To Bed And Neither Can You

    You have all of the get-your-kid-to-bed routines down. But somehow, someway, your kid always comes up with an excuse to stay awake long past bedtime.

    1. "I'm starving. I probably won't survive until morning without a snack."

    "Do you really want that on your conscience?"

    2. "Clarissa's mom lets HER stay up until 10:30 every night!"

    3. "My nightlight is way too bright."

    4. "It's too dark to sleep!"

    5. "I have a history project due first thing tomorrow. Can we run to the store for posterboard?"


    6. "I'm scared of the dark, and dogs, and my studded animals. Also radishes!"


    7. "I can't go to bed. I didn't brush my teeth enough."

    8. "I think I brushed my teeth too much."


    9. The neverending story. "I forgot to tell you what happened at the park today. You see, there was this tiny rock and I picked it up and I looked at it and then I put it down.... Mom, you're not listening!!"


    10. "My nose is too snuffly."

    11. "My nose is too nose-y."

    Ni Qin / Getty Images / Via iStock

    12. "You let me have so much fun today that I am NEVER going to be able to settle down." / Via Istock

    13. "I need to tell you about my dream first. I was lying in this beautiful pile of rainbows and..."

    Joey333 / Getty Images

    14. "I'm not even the teensiest bit sleepy."

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