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    • WeAreALLTrying

      A young man committed a crime, and the authorities failed to prosecute. Race, politics, football, cheerleading, small town or big town, religion, public education, — none of those things are relevant to the story. This is about nothing but abuse of power and it can happen anywhere to anybody and it is up to us— of all races, and other beliefs— it is up to us— to blow the whistle and demand that justice and a fair trial be held. And secondly to blow the whistle on the Maryville MO community for failure to protect its children, — the 13 and 14 year old— and prosecute the high school senior who drove to the house of a high school freshmen, in the middle of the night (after midnight), and took her to his private party at his house where he snuck her in through a basement window, proceeded to give her massive quantities of alcohol, rape her, allowed it to be filmed (child porn, FCC violoations on a PDA) and then dumped her, in need of medical condition, in below freezing weather — back in her front yard. Nothing but what HE did to this child — is relevant to so much of the “other” that is being bandied about. Let’s unite folks. Stand together for basic right and wrong and see how that feels for once. Don’t make this something it isn’t. Don’t twist things to skew to a political or social issue topic which is nothing but name calling and labeling…lets just all be thankful that WE— yes WE— are coming together to call for justice.

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