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10 Weird Tourist Attractions

From wine baths in Japan to giant chocolate fountains in Vegas, these attractions should make for a pretty unforgettable holiday. Good or bad? We're not sure. For a slightly different class of holiday, check out Wazzamba! We give away holidays and cruises to top scorers in our online games. Invite your friends for bigger prizes too. Check out our Facebook Page for more details.

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  • 1. The World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain, Las Vegas

    A bit more wonderful than weird, this chocolate fountain spurts out 120 quarts of molten chocolate every minute. You’d need a hell of a lot of marshmallows to soak that up… Link:

  • 2. The Skeleton Church, Czech Republic

    The Sedlec Ossuary is a Catholic church in the Czech Republic decorated with between
    40,000 and 70,000 human bones, including a chandelier containing every bone in the human body and even the artist’s signature. Why? Don’t ask us…. Link:

  • 3. The Museum of Bad Art, Boston

    The visual arts are subjective, and can be many things to many people. There’s so such thing as bad art…or is there. The MOBA in Boston would beg to differ with a rotating gallery of over 400 pieces of questionable paintings. Link:

  • 4. The Yunessan Spa, Japan

    Bored of the traditional bubble baths? Why not try a wine bath? Or a dip in ramen?
    The Yunessan Spa offers bathers a variety of ‘creative’ baths, said to clear skin and reduce cellulite. Looks like lots of fun, but unless you want to get a little closer to your fellow bathers, we don’t recommend drinking the water… Link:

  • 5. Hobbiton, New Zealand

    If you’re a big fan of the LOTR films (or just harbour an intense desire to be a hobbit, check out Hobbiton in New Zealand, where you can release your inner Frodo. Check out the many sheep and have a bite to eat in The Shire café, Gandalf not included Link

  • 6. Odaiba Island, Japan

    Surprisingly, we’re back to Japan for more oddity, this time for a shopping mall. With a cat shop. And a recreation of 18th century Venice with artificial daylight. If you’re tired, you can relax in a recreation of an Edo period Japanese bathhouse. Hungry? Check out the ramen theme park. Round off your day wit ha trip to the Statue of Liberty. Y’know, just an ordinary day in Japan. Link

  • 7. The Island Of The Dolls, Mexico

    This small Mexican island is hung with hundreds of broken dolls. The island’s only inhabitant (now passed away) collected dolls from the canal surrounding the island and hung them in trees to appease the soul of a young girl who drowned nearby. Not exactly a feelgood day out… Link

  • 8. The Cockroach Hall Of Fame, Texas

    We couldn’t get through a list of crazy tourist attractions without mentioning America. This small Texas museum was set up by a pest control specialists with apparently a fair
    amount of time of his hands. See dead cockroaches in a variety of tableaus and wonder at this dazzling display of insect taxidermy. Link

  • 9. Galaxy Of Worms, New Zealand

    Back to New Zealand for a twinkly invertebrate experience. The Waitomo Glowworm
    caves contain thousands of little Arachnocampa luminosa, unique to the Kiwis. Check out the caves as they twinkle above you. Link

  • 10. Carnevale di Ivrea, Italy

    We’ve all heard of the Tomatina festival. If you’re really serious about your fruit fights, step it up a notch with the ‘Battle of The Oranges’ near Turin. Supposedly an allegorical representation of a historical recreation (try saying that five times) we’re more attracted by the idea of chucking oranges at strangers. Link If this article has got you in the mood for a holiday, check out Wazzamba! You can win amazing cruises & holidays regularly just by winning points in our range of online games.