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    • WayneMPLS

      I have posted this same response on a couple of sites because I know of someone who was affected by ‘ex-gay therapy ” and my feeling is this: They should be tried for crimes against humanity, there are a lot of dead gay men because of the abuse from people like this man and these ministries. One of my dear friends (an ex) has been completely wrecked, he suffers from a sort of PTSD now. He was a beautiful man before they got to him. Justice needs to be served, no apology could ever come close to being sufficient. I personally think these people should be prosecuted… I am not sure how and I am aware some people go to these people because of self-loathing, but I think of the minors who are forced into this. This dangerous practice should be outlawed and pushed to the fringe realms of crazy like “exorcisms” are considered wack-a-doodle! But isn’t it funny how someone’s interpretation of their religion trumps another’s basic humanity? It needs to stop.

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