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    • Watevah

      Oh great, now homophobes are mentally diseased and faggots - not?
      How nicely you have turned the tables there, silly goy. “Mentally sick people have no reasonable argument, therefore it is impossible to have a proper discussion with them.” - So it seems, I really can’t hold a reasonable argument with you people. You start tossing around completely unrelated things and still promote your stupid minority reasoning. And if you have already forgotten, a culture is something that holds together a country, a people. If some person does not share the views of this particular culture he may LEAVE. I’d suggest them fags get out of Russia and go to their over-the-top liberal western world, where they can be accepted and have pride parades and all that horrifying shit.
      But every time I try to say these things make me think that all of you people defending LGBT are plainly retarded. You even had to write the post FOUR times, before it got its final form, and you still didn’t say anything of value. I wonder why?

    • Watevah

      They have all of that, yet they act as an oppressed society that has no equal ground with the rest of the people whatsoever.
      The homophobes (and I know a few) all think that being gay is disgusting, but they don’t go out of their way to hunt them down or anything like that. But then, suddenly a bunch of faggots start shoving their gayness into your face and people start to exercise their right of free speech (which works both ways).
      Yes, it gets violent, but isn’t that what you usually do at a demonstration to get the crowd disperse? What I’m trying to say is that Russia has its own culture, which includes a short fuse on tolerance. But it’s THEIR culture and on no reasonable grounds you can just come into a community and start propagating something absolutely foreign to them and go all “But we’re the oppressed victims here!”.
      It just doesn’t work with reasonable people of Russia; they just turned out that way due to their history. They literally don’t take shit from others. Now tell me, if we have to respect gay people and give them all the rights a person should have (WHICH THEY DO HAVE, BTW), then why can’t we respect the unwritten rules of a community that is keeping it all together? As the provers goes: “Don’t preach your own gospel in a foreign chapel”.

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