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    5 Ways To Be Safe While Partying In College

    Everyone looks forward to college parties, but most people don't know how to party safely.

    1. Eat before you leave

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    2. Plan ahead

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    Make plans with your friends before going out. Know where you are going, how you are getting to and from the party, and have a backup plan just in case Plan A doesn't fall through.

    No one wants to get to a party, find out it's canceled, then not have a ride back!

    3. Avoid violent situations

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    While drinking and partying you may accidentally bump into someone, and get into a verbal altercation which could easily escalate to a physical altercation. Try to avoid this by apologizing and walking away.

    You don't want to get arrested then have your college professor or boss hearing about you getting into a fight at a college party. You could get expelled from college or even fired. So before putting yourself in a tough situation, think. Is it worth it?

    4. Be aware!


    If you decide to drink then make sure you fix the drink or you are watching whoever is fixing the drink. Make sure that if you set your drink down that you keep an eye on it so that no one puts something in it. Many sexual assaults occur from spiking drinks in college parties.

    5. Know Your Limits!

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    Don't go to a party and go all out. Meaning if you feel buzzed then maybe you should stop drinking. Alcohol can often impair your judgments and cause you to make bad choices. So make sure you are not one of those drunks passed out in the host's bathroom on the floor.

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