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    • wahbm

      Says who they are confident? I am a fashion photographer who advocates for curvy women, but the many curvy models I came across are incredibly insecure. They try to portray themselves as very confident and accomplished, but I have been in this business for thirty years and I know how to spot insecure models both thin and curvy ones… I wish for them if they were really confident but sadly they are not, they try hard and they pretend to be.

    • wahbm

      Whataload of horse crapIhave to read here, bashing on the thin models and calling them clothes hangers, and that they starve themselves, and they they are unhealthy….Iworked in fashion for over 30 years, and most modelsIknow who are size zero are naturally thin, they eat like horses and they stay just the way they are. They are utterly stunning, sexy and beautiful. To deny this very fact is to be completely delusional… Clothes do look great on them, so stop theFbashing please. Now things are changing, and fashion is moving toward embracing more curvy models and women in general, andIam one of the fiercest advocates for promoting this change asIdo LOVE curvy and voluptuous women,Iadore them… ButIam hating the fact that the plus size industry is creating the false perception that thin is not beautiful, that women are normally curvy and not thin, there are even some stupid and idiotic quotes like “REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES” as if the women who are size 6, 4,2and zero were some kind of third gender, when they are no less women than the ones with curves. The trendIsee is, more and more threads, blogs, pages and posts constantly bashing and hating on skinny women, calling them “skin and bones” “stick on heels” and so on!Imean, you should know better, and giveamuch better example than becoming the new bullies and haters. We are humans who come in so many forms, shapes, heights and colors, we all should respect and acknowledge every one.
      The plus size industry never misses an opportunity to link anorexia to size zero, when this is totally erroneous, asIknow hundreds of women who are naturally size zero and the try hard to gain weight, many of them with not much success no matter how much they eat. So please stop this stupid nonsense. Ihave found out that many models who are size8or 10 get asked to gain 40 or 50 pounds to be able to work as plus size models, isn’t this outrageous and dead wrong, unhealthy and stupid. If on one side we have make the argument that there is the risk of anorexia, on the other side there isamuch bigger problem, that is reaching catastrophic proportions, and that is obesity… so let’s try to findabalance and promote neither opposites.

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