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11 Clues That Prove That The Home Alone Kid Really Was A Little Jerk

The treasured, family Christmas classics Home Alone 1 & 2 feature nuggets of evidence that prove that Uncle Frank had it right!

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The supposed hero of the only two Home Alone movies that should ever be mentioned exhibits some rather antisocial behaviour that is overshadowed in the films by the themes of abandonment, independence, crime and punishment. Pay attention to the clues throughout the movies. Maybe little Kevin McCallister's family's attitude toward was earned?

1. Doing the math...

20th Century Fox

Mom: “There are fifteen people in this house and you’re the only one that has to make trouble."

It is statistically significant that 6.67% of the people are creating 100% of the trouble.

2. He prefers plain cheese pizza

20th Century Fox

Kevin plays a cruel, uncalled-for trick on the Little Nero’s pizza guy which is perhaps motivated by Kevin being burned earlier in the film. “Why didn’t you bring more cheese pizza?” What a brat! Everyone knows pizza with just cheese on it is lame.

3. Shoplifting

20th Century Fox

After Kevin (accidentally?) shoplifts the toothbrush and evades arrest, he just goes home! It is one thing to be remorseful and get depressed about criminal acts, it is another to actually face the consequences.

5. Sadistic tendencies

20th Century Fox

The main focus of the movies is Kevin’s inventive methods of luring hapless thugs into carefully designed torture chambers where he can inflict bodily harm without consequence.

7. Kevin’s diva-esque performance at the Christmas pageant

20th Century Fox

Sure, his vocal solo is ruined by Buzz but he lashes out violently, causing a domino effect that topples the choir. Were there injuries? Would Kevin even care?

8. Credit card fraud

20th Century Fox

Kevin runs up a ridiculous room service tab at a luxurious New York hotel with impunity. So you got on the wrong plane. Is that any reason to drain your parent’s life savings?

9. Elitism

20th Century Fox

Once Kevin becomes rich from his ill-gotten gains, he shows little regard for plight of the middle-class. He tips Rob Schneider’s Porter (who no doubt lives or dies by his tips) with meager sticks of gum.

10. Vandalism

20th Century Fox

In order to set up Harry & Marv for torture and eventual capture in the second movie, Kevin puts a brick through Duncan’s window. Ever heard of 911, kid??? Yeah, yeah, he could have done it to draw the attention of the alarm company, sure, but he also could have called the cops beforehand. He just wanted an opportunity to draw the criminals away into his sick world of pain.

Kevin’s list of crimes are those of a maximum security inmate!:

-disturbing the peace


-shoplifting and theft

-possession of a firearm

-assault with a weapon causing bodily harm

-unlawful confinement



-homophobic slurs / hate crimes

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