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    17 Struggles That Are All Too Real When You Go To Target For Just One Thing

    Well played, Target. Well played.

    1. Needing to get Starbucks as soon as you walk in:

    2. Trying to walk past the dollar section:

    3. ...and the clearance section:

    4. Pretending like you can shop with a basket instead of a shopping cart:

    5. When you go to Target the day after payday:

    6. When you convince yourself to buy something although you KNOW you’re never going to use it:

    7. Realizing you HAVE to buy something because it may not be there next week:

    8. When you've been there so long you have to stop and ask yourself, “What am I here for again?”:

    9. Thinking to yourself, “I should go before I spend any more money”:

    10. When your basket gets so heavy you can hardly carry it anymore:

    11. When you tell someone you’re going to get something at Target and will be back in 20 minutes:

    12. When you think about replying to all of the “Where are you?” texts after you've been gone for 2 hours:

    13. Thinking to yourself, "How am I going to fit all of these bags in my car?":

    14. When the cashier rings you up and tells you your total:

    15. Realizing you went to Target for shampoo, spent $150, and bought everything BUT shampoo:

    16. Trying to justify how much money you spent:

    17. When you finally get back home and someone asks you where all this stuff came from:

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