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14 Amazing Technological Advances Invented In 2014

If there were contests for best years, this one would be way up there. Especially since the intuitive touchscreen and groundbreaking active safety technology in the all-new Volvo XC90 are pushing the automotive industry forward.

1. The DEKA Arm became the most advanced and easily usable prosthetic robotic arm available.

2. The myris put government-grade password protection into the palm of your hand with a USB-enabled iris scanner.

3. Google created Cardboard, a mailable cutout that, when paired with your phone, lets you affordably experience virtual reality.

4. Newlight Technologies figured out how to convert greenhouse gasses into usable plastic.

5. The 360fly brought 240 degrees of vertical recording in the full horizontal 360 degrees around the camera.

6. Card Control let you set credit card spending limits, set usage locations, specify kinds of transactions, and help prevent fraud.

7. iBeacon made getting around easier indoors and out — instead of relying on power-draining and data-heavy GPS, it uses low-energy Bluetooth to triangulate your location.

8. Sproutling revolutionized the baby monitor by making it washable, adaptable, wireless, and capable of predicting your baby's mood.

9. The laser in Convergent Dental's Solea made dental surgery infinitely quieter (less terrifying) and anesthesia-free (less painful).

10. The SmartMat made taking an entire yoga class as easy as opening up an app.

11. Kone made UltraRope strong enough to support elevators twice as tall as the standard elevator cable.

12. Nikken's BioSkin fed collected rainwater through ceramic pipes on the sun-facing side of a Japanese office building to reduce indoor temperatures by up to 21 degrees.

13. Green Sense Farms became the first vertically stacked indoor farm to profitably produce vegetables year-round by using specific UV wavelengths.

14. T-fal's OptiGrill made it easy to perfectly cook an array of meats with barely a couple of button presses.

Volvo unveiled the all-new Volvo XC90 and brought everything you could need out on the road to the tip of your finger.