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14 Amazing Technological Advances Invented In 2014

If there were contests for best years, this one would be way up there. Especially since the intuitive touchscreen and groundbreaking active safety technology in the all-new Volvo XC90 are pushing the automotive industry forward.

10 Signs You Should Only Be A Passenger

It's OK, not everyone has to be at the wheel. Besides, there's so much more room to really sink into the infotainment offered by Volvo's Sensus back there anyway.

What Should You Name Your Car, Actually?

Because “wheeled boombox” doesn’t count. The name’s as important as the car, especially when the car’s a Volvo.

11 Signs You’re The Dependable One In Your Friend Group

Let’s face it, all your friends count on you for everything. When you're the dependable one, you need a car that matches all the helpful things you do — like the Volvo XC60.

The Great Middle California Design Road Trip

From San Jose to the desert, there's so much incredible design to see in California! Check out these awesome examples of architectural design of all styles, and stay entertained and connected the whole way with Volvo and Sensus Connect.

Car Must-Haves In Your 20s Vs. Your 30s

Maybe great power. Probably great responsibility? Definitely all of the above in your 30s, when the Innovation, Safety, and Design offered by Volvo grow significantly more important than ever before.