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11 Things All Aussie Kids Sulked About Growing Up

It's never fun when you don't get your way. That's why Vodafone created MyMix – prepaid that's personalised, so you pay for what you want.

1. Not getting the only pack of these when you went on a family holiday:

2. Not being able to find your name on ANY of the souvenir key rings ever.

3. Getting stuck in the middle seat on a long car trip.

4. Then having to listen to your parents' music for the entire car trip.

5. Wearing a school uniform five sizes too big because your mum wanted you to "grow into it".

6. Not being able to fit your name on your pencil case.

7. Having to spend $19.99 on a full album just to get one song that wasn't released as a single.

8. Being dressed in the exact same outfit as your sibling.

9. Or worse, having to wear your older sibling's hand-me-downs.

10. Finding this in the freezer:

11. Or getting a dud bag of mixed lollies with hardly any good flavours.

It sucks when you don't get a choice. Vodafone gets that, which is why they created MyMix. It's prepaid that's personalised for you, so you get to pick what you want.

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