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12 Things That Will Make You Say "That's Un-Australian"

Yeah, nah. It's just not on. Neither is prepaid that's made for the masses. That's why Vodafone created MyMix, so you can customise your prepaid to fit your life.

16 Things All Aussie Kids Got In Trouble For At School

Rules... Who needs 'em? New Vodafone MyMix gives you the power, so you can personalise your prepaid with the features you want.

27 Awesome Personalised Items That Are Literally Made For You

They just scream "you." And now your prepaid does, too. Personalise your own plan with Vodafone MyMix. Then, enter to win your own designed case.

15 Photos People Who Aren't In A Group Chat Won't Get

*leaves conversation* Your chats are always changing, and so is your data. So with new Vodafone MyMix prepaid, you can pick your data amount every time you recharge.

What Kind Of Music Are You Actually In The Mood For Right Now?

Like right this second. Find the playlist that fits your current ~mood~. Then use Vodafone MyMix to customise your prepaid plan to fit your life.

14 Charts That Sum Up Your Relationship With Your Phone

Phone > oxygen. So it's only fair you should be able to customise your own prepaid plan. And now you can with Vodafone MyMix.

11 Things All Aussie Kids Sulked About Growing Up

It's never fun when you don't get your way. That's why Vodafone created MyMix – prepaid that's personalised, so you pay for what you want.

10 Ways To Customise The Crap Out Of A Plain T-Shirt

Sick of not finding what you want? Get crafty and make it your own! And now the same goes for your prepaid thanks to Vodafone MyMix.

10 Ways To Live Your Best Uni Life

We want you to nail this whole uni thing. This advice brought to you by Vodafone, who knows how to keep students happy.

10 Aussie Celebrities Who Went To Uni For Something Different

Amazingly, these celebrities didn't major in being major. Find out what these smart Aussies were into before they were famous.

The Definitive Guide To Totally Owning O-Week

If you're going to O-Week, make sure you O-Week right. Here are a few helpful tips on how to make the most of this weeklong jamboree, brought to you by Vodafone.

13 Moments When Every Aussie Needs Their Phone

There’s nothing more devastating than a dead signal in a time of need. That's why Vodafone has spent over a billion dollars to deliver better indoor coverage, faster download speeds, and a signal that now covers 96% of Australians — so you can stay connected where it matters most.

14 Stats About One Second On The Internet That’ll Blow Your Mind

Indisputable fact: More internet is always better. That’s why Vodafone built a lightning-fast 4G network for the web so you can do internet stuff quicker, snappier, and faster than you ever imagined.

13 Signs That You Basically Live For The Internet

Because more internet is always better. That’s why Vodafone has built a network for the web. And it’s lightning fast. So you can do all your favourite internet stuff to your heart’s content.