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16 Things All Aussie Kids Got In Trouble For At School

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1. Passing notes during class.

2. Playing outside even though you forgot your hat.

3. Using up all the PVA glue on your hands just so you could peel it off.

4. Scribbling all over the toilet cubicle walls.

5. Getting caught on MySpace during computer labs.

6. Writing in pen before being issued with your official pen licence.

7. Decorating your school books with ~inappropriate~ things.

8. Drawing all over yourself.

9. Painting your nails with whiteout.

10. Not wearing your uniform properly.

11. Mucking around during maths classes.

12. "Vandalising" your locker.

13. Throwing your eraser around the room to make all your important decisions.

14. Forging your parents' signatures on a permission slip.

15. Giving the teacher sass when you didn't know an answer on a test.

16. Tagging school property.

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