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13 Signs That You Basically Live For The Internet

Because more internet is always better. That’s why Vodafone has built a network for the web. And it’s lightning fast. So you can do all your favourite internet stuff to your heart’s content.

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1. If there's a new online platform announced, you immediately sign up to be part of the beta testing phase.

Mikala Bierma / BuzzFeed

2. You've taken selfies in basically everything you own...

Sean Burpee / BuzzFeed

3. ...and you've spent tons of time perfecting the pics.

4. You have more Facebook friends than friends IRL.

5. If there's a meme, you've tried it.

@Sellotapeselfe if only for the ear rings #sellotapeselfie

#Kyle Barkerâ„¢@kyle_barkertron

@Sellotapeselfe if only for the ear rings #sellotapeselfie

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6. "Do it for the Vine!" is part of your daily life.

7. You make all your best jokes online.

8. There's no filter between your brain and a status update.

9. You've stayed up late to hang out with internet friends in different time zones.

Mikala Bierma / BuzzFeed

10. If you didn't check in to a place on Facebook, it didn't happen.

tovovan / Via Shutterstock

11. You have very strong feelings about Wi-Fi.

12. Notes, likes, and retweets are your oxygen.

13. And you don’t believe that TMI is ever relevant!

Sean Burpee / BuzzFeed