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15 Photos People Who Aren't In A Group Chat Won't Get

*leaves conversation* Your chats are always changing, and so is your data. So with new Vodafone MyMix prepaid, you can pick your data amount every time you recharge.

1. When you ask the group if anyone wants to hang, and not one person responds:

2. When you put your phone down for literally five minutes and have 39 unread messages:

3. When the banter is good, and you wanna make a joke before the topic changes:

4. When you're trying to make plans:

5. When you try to change the subject:

6. When someone you barely know gets added to the chat:

7. When you're getting roasted, but your best friend comes to your aid:

8. When your mates are arguing, and you're trying not to get involved:

9. When someone from the group chat messages you privately:

10. When you know everyone has read your message, but no one is replying:

11. When a chat has been lying dormant, and someone tries to revive it:

12. When you've been unwillingly added to one, so you try to sneak out, but then everyone gets a notification that you left:

13. When you crack a joke, but your friends give you doughnuts:

14. When everyone is making plans, but you say you can't go, so they just keep talking as though you're not there:

15. When someone is swiping through your photos, and you remember all the pics from your group chat save to your camera roll:

Your phone is personal, so your prepaid should be too. Now you can customise your own prepaid plan with new Vodafone MyMix.