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27 Awesome Personalised Items That Are Literally Made For You

They just scream "you." And now your prepaid does, too. Personalise your own plan with Vodafone MyMix. Then, enter to win your own designed case.

1. Custom Mini Portraits

2. Instagram Magnets

3. Signature Bracelet

4. Custom Pet Cushions

5. Custom Pencils

6. Personalised Notebook

7. M-Y Front Undies

8. Custom Leather Bracelet

9. Monogrammed Leather Pouch

10. Personalised BFF Mug

11. Personalised Leather Keychain

12. Oxidised Hidden Message Ring

13. Portrait Rubber Stamp

14. Personalised USB Stick

15. Monogrammed Tablet Sleeve

16. Initial Star Necklace

17. Initial Cushion

18. 3D-Printed Head

19. Instagram Chocolate

20. Hand Stamped Ring

21. Personalised Dictionary Definition Tote

22. Custom Cookie Cutter

23. Latitude Longitude Necklace

24. Custom Name Drink Bottle

25. Stamped Cuff Links

26. Personalised Eyemask

27. Personalised 3D-Printed Phone Case

Now you can get prepaid that's made for you too. Personalise your own plan with Vodafone MyMix, and enter the comp* for the chance to win your very own customised case.

*Competition closes 23/9/16; Australian residents only.