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The Definitive Guide To Totally Owning O-Week

If you're going to O-Week, make sure you O-Week right. Here are a few helpful tips on how to make the most of this weeklong jamboree, brought to you by Vodafone.

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1. Don't skip O-Week.

Sure, O-Week is optional, but you only get to do it once as a first-year, and that's when it's the most fun. A whole lot of good things are going to happen at O-Week, which we'll tell you about in a minute. Plus, it's a seriously good way to get familiar with the campus before semester actually starts. OK, cool — glad we're on the same page.

2. Bring a bag to put all that good free stuff in.

No joke, you're gonna get a lot of free stuff. It may not all be amazing, but who cares. You can sort through it later. Also: It's free. Bring a big bag to stuff it all into, because when you're at the bar later, you won't really want to be carrying armfuls of student showbags.

3. Wear clothes that will take you from day to night. But make sure they're comfortable.

Marcus Carlsson (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: xintron

Oh, also, remember that universities are never a good place to wear heels. They're covered in uneven surfaces, cobblestone, and heel-swallowing grass lawns. You probably knew that, but if you didn't... don't say we didn't warn ya.

4. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself.

Now is the time to be bold. Introduce yourself to everyone, because it's going to be a whole lot nicer when you go into the lecture room on the first day of semester and see a couple of familiar faces among a sea of hundreds.

5. Join every Facebook group and follow every Instagram page you can.

nydia hartono (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: nydiahartono

Pretty much every faculty, club, and society will have a Facebook page. Like it. Even if you're not part of a club, you can usually still go to their parties and events, and this is the best way to stay in the know. There will be countless other groups and pages you can join and follow, so use this week to join and follow them all. You can always unfollow later.

6. Eat only for free, and never for money.

Nat Geo Wild / Via

If you really want to be the King or Queen of O, make sure you don't pay a cent for food. There will be more samples, baklava, and BBQs than you can poke a sausage at.

7. Make sure you join at least one club.

There's gonna be a club to suit your every obscure interest, and it's a great way to meet new people, so make sure you check out what's on offer. Whether you want to play jazz with a wind orchestra, hunt ghosts (yep, really), try your hand at a little stand-up comedy, or learn about the practices of Buddhism — there's a club for that. Take advantage.

8. But don't be afraid to say no (thanks).

Nickelodeon / Via

Like if an overzealous second-year wants you to join the karate club, and you don't want to join the karate club, just say no. A whole year in a karate club against your will is a looooong time. Hey, but also, why don't you want to join the karate club?

9. Talk to your elders. / Via

Now is also a really great time to get advice from second- and third-year students. Choose the wise-looking ones and shower them with compliments, and then questions. Find out where the best place to get coffee is. Find out who the best tutor in the business faculty is. Ask them anything and everything, 'cause once classes start, you may not get a chance.

10. Go to as many parties and events as physically possible.

FunGi_ (Trading) (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: v-neck

O-Week during the day is great, but any seasoned O-Weeker will tell you that best things happen after-hours. Live music, comedy nights, theatre sports, outdoor cinema, beach parties, lawn parties, and more parties. Find out what's happening and get involved!

11. But don't drink like a maniac and embarrass yourself.

A looooot of drinking happens at O-Week, and you don't want to be the embarrassingly smashed person that everyone talks about in the first week of ANTH1001: Cultural Difference. Be culturally different in a chill, moderately sober fashion. Unless you really want to get drunk. Not like we can stop you.

12. And get ready for a wild ride.

Newtown grafitti (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: newtown_grafitti

Put it this way: You're not going to look back on O-Week and remember the night you got a lot of sleep. It's going to be one big, boisterous week of partying, eating for free, meeting cool people, and maybe even some actual rides (if you're lucky)! Godspeed, brave students.

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