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10 Aussie Celebrities Who Went To Uni For Something Different

Amazingly, these celebrities didn't major in being major. Find out what these smart Aussies were into before they were famous.

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1. Hugh Jackman was studying to be a journalist.

Bobby Bank / Getty Images

While he ended up graduating from the University of Technology, Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, a young Hugh wasn't sure journalism was his calling, and also took some time off to study acting part time. Good call.

2. Rebel Wilson has a law degree.

Vera Anderson / WireImage / Getty Images

She studied law and arts (theatre and performance studies) at the University of New South Wales and jokes that she might become a barrister "if things don't work out." We're pretty sure things are going to work out, though.

7. Magda Szubanksi studied fine arts and philosophy, among other things.

Kristian Dowling / Getty Images

Yet another celebrity graduate from the University of Melbourne, Szubanksi got into comedy while there and was a star of the law revue in 1983.

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