NFL Quarterbacks Ranked By Pure Unadulterated Hotness

It’s that time of year when women all around the country lose their men to the powers of the pigskin. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it too! So let’s set feminism back at least a decade and check out all the eye candy the NFL has to offer!

32. Michael Vick - Philadelphia Eagles

Being involved with dog fighting totally lowers your hot factor

31. Ben Roethlisberger- Pittsburgh Steelers

He kinda looks like that cousin that you only see on Thanksgiving but who always tries to beat everyone at arm wrestling.

30. Matt Stafford - Detroit Lions

Little too much of a frat boy look but he sure can rock that Detroit blue!

29. Blaine Gabbert- Jacksonville Jaguars

Long hair don’t care

28. Ryan Tannehill- Miami Dolphins

Wouldn’t mind taking a swim in those baby blues amirite?!

27. Geno Smith- New York Jets

Those arms……

26. Matt Schaub - Houston Texans

Working that hairline

25. Terrelle Pryor - Oakland Raiders

He’s just a baby! An adorable precious beautiful baby.

24. Jake Locker- Tennessee Titans

Perfectly groomed facial hair

23. Sam Bradford- St. Louis Rams

Determination and focus. Who doesn’t want that in a man?

22. Andrew Luck- Indianapolis Colts

Look at the levity! Any girl would be LUCK-y to have that!

21. Brandon Weeden - Cleveland Browns

3 is also how many beats my heart skips when he smiles

20. Carson Palmer- Arizona Cardinals

Seen here taking a moment to ponder his attractiveness

19. Phillip Rivers- San Diego Chargers

that San Diego sun clearly does a body good

18. Colin Kaepernick- San Francisco 49ers

Those uniforms just don’t give the justice his perfectly sculpted stomach deserves

17. Josh Freeman- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Official petition to play football in sports coats

16. Robert Griffin III - Washington Redskins

The smile….the hair….my heart….my soul

15. Matt Ryan- Atlanta Falcons

Round of applause for your face

14. Joe Flacco- Baltimore Ravens

Tall, dark, handsome

13. Eli Manning - New York Giants

He’ll throw a pass straight to your heart….no interceptions

12. Andy Dalton- Cincinnati Bengals

Errbody loves a Ginger

11. Peyton Manning- Denver Broncos

I know what you’re thinking….HOW IS HE RANKED HIGHER THAN HIS BROTHER. But watch the cool determination, his strong arm throwing the ball, the ball slicing the air into the arms of his receiver and you’ll WISH you were that receiver. The receiver of his HEART you clowns.

10. Tony Romo- Dallas Cowboys

I just want to curl up and take a nap in those dimples

9. Jay Cutler- Chicago Bears

Touchdown indeed

8. Russell Wilson- Seattle Seahawks

What gives you the right?

7. Christian Ponder- Minnesota Vikings

Ref better call delay of game because I just got LOST IN HIS EYES

6. EJ Manuel- Buffalo Bills

I’ll intentionally ground him anyday

5. Alex Smith- Kansas City Chiefs

If wanting to sack him is wrong I don’t want to be right

4. Drew Brees- New Orleans Saints

Total D.I.L.F (Dad I like to watch play football guyz come on)

3. Cam Newton- Carolina Panthers

Yea I’d help him practice his spiral

2. Tom Brady- New England Patriots

Throw the penalty flag for holding….my body up against his.

1. Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers

I know you were expecting Tom to be #1….but come on. Those perfect gleaming teeth? That hair wave? The perfectly chiseled jaw Greek gods would envy???
He’s got an all access pass to MY end zone…..err…heart zone (sorry Mom).

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