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NFL Quarterbacks Ranked By Pure Unadulterated Hotness

It's that time of year when women all around the country lose their men to the powers of the pigskin. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy it too! So let's set feminism back at least a decade and check out all the eye candy the NFL has to offer!

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11. Peyton Manning- Denver Broncos

I know what you're thinking....HOW IS HE RANKED HIGHER THAN HIS BROTHER. But watch the cool determination, his strong arm throwing the ball, the ball slicing the air into the arms of his receiver and you'll WISH you were that receiver. The receiver of his HEART you clowns.

1. Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers

I know you were expecting Tom to be #1....but come on. Those perfect gleaming teeth? That hair wave? The perfectly chiseled jaw Greek gods would envy???

He's got an all access pass to MY end zone.....err...heart zone (sorry Mom).

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