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Top 5 Hummus Places In Tel-Aviv

Hummus is coexistence at its best. No matter our political opinions - we can all relate to this superb spread. This is your opportunity to learn about the best places to grab a hummus in Tel-Aviv, enjoy some delicious images and think about how great it is when people that tend to be enemies find unity in the preparation, serving and eating such wonderful food. Now sit back and scroll down through this epic list of Middle-Eastern awesomeness.

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5. Abu-Adham - Carlebach 7

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Seen in the picture: hummus, fave beans, tahini, egg, parsley, cumin, paprika

Originally hailing from the northern village of Yasif, Tel-Aviv's branch of Abu-Adham offers this creamy smooth variation which is rich in tahini and olive oil.

They also offer a complimentary refill that you can repeat over and over until you are definitely not hungry anymore.

4. Abu Marun - Derech Menachem Begin 48, Tel Aviv

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Seen in the picture: Hummus, with whole chickpeas, broad beans, olive oil, chopped parsley, green chili paste and lemon based garlic sauce

A new player in Tel-Aviv's hummus arena - the Abu Marun franchise arrived in late 2013 from the northern city of Haifa, and is operated by members of the original family.

Their hummus is unique and has a different bouquet to what is usually served in the area.

3. Hummus Assaf - 88 Ha'Hashmonaim St.

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Seen in the picture: Hummus with a topping boiled chickpeas, seasoned with olive oil, paprika and parsley, with a side of sweet pickled cabbage, falafel and a garlic lemon sauce

Named after the owner, this family operated restaurant serves a wonderfully dense variation that will knock you off your feet and make it hard to accomplish anything else that day.

2. Abu Hassan - Shivtei Israel Street 17 (Jaffa area)

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Seen in the picture: The dish is called the triple - hummus, msabbaha and fava (broad) beans. Served here with olive oil, soft chickpeas, paprika, cumin, parsley and a dash of spicy lemon sauce

A very popular location with what is regarded the best msabbaha in the region.

Msabbaha being a mix of hummus, tahini, whole chickpeas, lemon and spices that is served hot and made moments before it arrives to the table.

They are open from early morning until the hummus runs out - which happens around the mid-noon.

1. Fauzi Ful - Abarbanel 3

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Seen in the picture: Two plates of the most amazing triple dishes in the area

Located in the hipster area of Florentin, this place is a tiny shed you could easily miss, in the wood-shop area of the neighborhood.

Hummus is a subjective issue, but no matter your taste in this elusive magical paste, Fauzi's is a place you must visit.

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