The Amazing 1980 Citroen Karin

The Citroën Karin was a concept design presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1980. It featured a striking, pyramidal structure, designed by Citroën stylist Trevor Fiore.

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The roof of the Karin was only the size of an A3 sheet of paper due to its truncated pyramid shape.

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One of the Karin’s unique features was it’s three-seat layout with the driver located between the two passengers.


The car had a 4-cylinder engine, front wheel drive mechanism, and a hydropneumatic suspension like the Citroën DS.


This car design seems oddly futuristic even now, but surprisingly such aesthetics were neglected after the 80’s. It is said that in Fiore’s vision this was the GT for the year 2000.

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While clearly a product of the past, it’s style and techno-savvy interior are still considered superb.

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Just look at it, seems like something straight out of Star Wars!

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If you compare this image to the first image of this article - you’ll notice the alternative passenger seats.

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Unfortunately today this beauty can only be found in museums and private collections. It seems that just like with the “Back to the Future” franchise - the promises and prognosis for futuristic technology rarely come true.

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