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5 Must Have Android Apps For Investors

Whether you're an institutional trader or just an investor trying your luck from home - you can always turn to current technological advantages for assistance. Mobile applications are a great way to stay up to date while on the go. Smartphones are a superb tool for the modern trader and the following apps will be the sharpest tools in your survival kit.

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1. StockTwits stock market pulse

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StockTwits is a way to quickly catch up market trends. In a way this is much like a social network of thousands of real investors and traders, and it uses an inner system, along with Twitter to provide updates, analysis, and market sentiments.

TL;DR: A great way of knowing what other investors think.

2. Stocks, Forex, Futures & News

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The Android mobile app by is a definitive source for financial market data.

It provides live quotes for over 20K of financial instruments, traded on over 70 global exchanges; a real time global economic calendar; live charts for every financial instrument you could think of and a customized portfolio.

They also provide with opinion and analysis, breaking news (including emerging markets - outside the G10 which not many do), and technical analysis.

TL;DR: The best informational source an investor could ask for.

3. Money Manager Expense & Budget

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Making money is great, but the ultimate key for a good investment is tracking your earnings and losses.

The expense and budget Money Manager is an easy and fun way to follow up on what you did with your money, and at the same time to track bills, expenses and even get statistics.

TL;DR: Easily track your money.

4. Financial Calculators

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The Financial Calculators app will probably be the last calculator you'll ever need.

Here are some of the calculators it includes:

* TVM calculator

* Loan, loan comparison and refinance

* Compound interest calculator

* Retirement/401k calculator

* Credit card pay off calculator

* Tip calculator

* Regular calculator

* Annual percentage rate (APR) calculator

* Return on investment (ROI) calculator

* Auto loan/lease calculator

* IRR NPV calculator

* Percentage calculator

* Bond calculator

* Stock calculators: stock return calculator, constant growth stock; non-constant growth stock; capital asset pricing model; expected return

* Commercial loan calculator

TL;DR: The ultimate calculator for your financial needs.

5. eToro Social Trading & Stocks

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eToro Social Trading & Stocks is a trading platform with a social feel to it.

Imagine Facebook meeting Twitter, with an option to invest based on the performance of others.

If you lack ideas - you can see the portfolios of other users and see what's working for whom.

Whether you're seeking to emulate successful brokers or just to get inspired by what others are doing, this is quite an app.

TL;DR: Discover what successful brokers are doing and invest accordingly.

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