10 Moments I Just HAVE To Talk About From The New "Outer Banks" Trailer

    It's really gonna be a wild ride.

    While we're still a while away from the February 23 release of Outer Banks Season 3, Netflix gave us another close look at what's to come. The trailer proves that this might be the wildest and most action-packed season yet.

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    These 10 moments in particular prove that I'll anxiously be waiting to see what drama will unfold:

    1. The rivalry between Kooks and Pogues is back.

    The entire group sat near a fire on the beach

    2. Old friends may turn into enemies.

    Sarah pointing a gun at someone out of frame

    3. Finally a brand new treasure hunt.

    someone out of frame holding a book titled "V S Naipaul the Loss of El Dorado"

    4. Old flames seem ready to shake (#Jarah shippers).

    top image, Topper looking admirably at someone out of frame, bottom image, sarah giving the same admirable look to someone out of frame

    5. John B.'s father is alive and well.

    john b's father on a staircase with him

    6. Different haircut, same devilish eyes.

    rafe walking down the street

    7. Friends until death do us part.

    the core friend group hugging

    8. Search for redemption or a brand new betrayal?

    ward looking forward to something off camera, looking concerned

    9. Action and cinematography leveled up.

    top image, a wide shot of a grand house near the water, middle image, john b and sarah in water with a flare gun and both looking concerned, and bottom image, a car chasing a train

    10. And #Jiara shippers, this is our time!

    kiera looking at jj thoughtfully

    What was your favorite part of the Season 3 trailer and what are you most excited to see? Let me know in the comments below!