The 13 Best Things About Being A Petite Girl

The best things come in small packages! Inspired by “Problems Every Petite Girl Deals With”

1. Always having legroom

“What’s everyone else complaining about? There’s plenty of room!”

2. Dating short guys

“No he’s too short for me” said no short girl ever

3. Dating tall guys

So many options!

4. Sleeping pretty much anywhere

“No it’s ok, that tiny corner will do.”

5. Shopping in the kids’ section

Cheap jeans and velcro light up shoes! Who doesn’t love that?

6. Children’s menu = coloring book

And who doesn’t love to color?

7. Not ducking for short doorways

Or low-hanging branches or street signs or, anything, really…

8. Always being the top of the pyramid

Who wants to be the bottom of the pyramid? Just look at the pain on their faces!

9. Free transportation

via piggyback rides, of course

10. Going on playgrounds

Not only can you fit through the play tunnels, but no one will even question if you’re supposed to be there!

11. Borrowing anyone’s sweatshirt? Instant blanket/dress combo

So fashion-forward

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