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Signs You're About To Start College

Wherever you're headed, the signs are all the same.

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1. You’re desperately hanging out with all your high school friends "one last time" before you leave

2. You’re trying to figure out how you’re going to fit your entire wardrobe into a couple boxes

3. You’re actually excited to live in a dorm

Communal bathrooms? YAY!

Communal bathrooms? YAY!

4. You want to do EVERYTHING on campus

5. Your school colors and mascot have slowly overtaken your wardrobe, accessories, cover photos, and phone backgrounds

6. You can’t help but brag about the school you haven’t even attended yet

7. And disown any friends going to a rival school

8. You have a countdown to move-in day

9. Your room is a mess because, why bother when you’re moving out soon anyway?

10. You stared at your first ever tuition bill for five minutes (and then had to suppress a muffled cry)

How many zeroes is that??

How many zeroes is that??

11. You’ve started multiple lists about all the things you have to do before leaving, and you haven't done a single thing on it

12. If you’re going out of town, you’ve realized you’re going to need a whole new wardrobe

13. Your parents already have plans for redoing your room once you leave

14. You've watched multiple movies about college life to prepare yourself

15. You’ve tried to figure out (and given up on understanding) how colleges name their classes

16. You’re determined to be the exception to the “Freshman 15” rule

So..... Freshman 50?

So..... Freshman 50?

17. You can’t wait to get out of your home town

18. But at the same time, you know there's no place like home

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