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20 Phases Of Having A Song Stuck In Your Head

For the songs you can't get out of your head, no matter how hard you try.

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1. It all starts when you find yourself humming something random.

2. But you can only remember a single line, and no matter what you do, you can't remember what comes after it.

3. For the longest time you can't figure out what the song title is.

4. Which sucks because you really just want to listen to the whole song.

5. You finally start to give up and move on with your life when the name of the song suddenly hits you!

6. When you finally listen to the full song, you're pretty proud of yourself and maybe even jam out a little.

7. The song ends, so naturally you hit the replay button.

8. You try to stop listening to the song, but you can't.

9. When someone tries to play a different song, you try to be polite but you know they're wrong.

10. Every song that's not your song is just wrong.

11. You listen to it in the shower.

12. You listen to it in the car.

13. You listen to it at work.

14. You have mini dance parties and sing alongs because you know every line now.

15. You love the song. You love yourself. You love LIFE.

16. One time while you're listening to your song, something's off.

17. You can't remember why you liked the song in the first place.

18. Suddenly you never want to hear the song again.

19. You're so glad you're over that phase of your life.

20. You've moved on to that one song ... you know ... shoot what is it called??

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