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The Waiting Room Survival Guide

How boring are waiting rooms, right? So boring—so, so boring. But there's hope yet! Follow this survival guide brought to you by our sponsor vitaminwater and make your boring wait, brilliant. Tweet @vitaminwater what’s boring and they’ll #MakeBoringBrilliant.”

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Tip #2: Get comfy.

Sally Barrett / Via Twitter: @salad1982

There is absolutely no reason that you should sit upright and uncomfortable in those stiff waiting room chairs, especially when you're sick or aching. Grab another chair to rest your feet on, take off your shoes, turn on your electronics, and ignore the haters.

Tip #4: Exercise.

Robert Palmer / Via

Since you're waiting you might as well burn some calories and what better way to do that than twerking? Twerk in the waiting room and make the wait brilliant not only for yourself but everyone else as well.

Tip #7: Make art.

Fernando Da Silva / Via

Using the boring AARP magazines you're too young to read, make an impressive sculpture. This particular piece is quite thought-provoking—as if it's challenging you to physically transform your boredom into a magazine carousal of excitement.

...Because you never know what could happen.

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