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18 Times Hair Took It To The Next Level

Hair really is an underused art form, as seen in these epic masterpieces. Check out the hair that took it to the next level brought to you by our sponsor vitaminwater and make your boring hair, brilliant. Tweet @vitaminwater what’s boring and they’ll #MakeBoringBrilliant.”

10 Amazing Exhibits That Prove Museums Aren't Boring

Museums? Boring? Never. These exhibits brought to you by our sponsor, vitaminwater, prove once and for all that art can be brilliant. Tweet @vitaminwater what’s boring and they’ll #MakeBoringBrilliant”

The Waiting Room Survival Guide

How boring are waiting rooms, right? So boring—so, so boring. But there's hope yet! Follow this survival guide brought to you by our sponsor vitaminwater and make your boring wait, brilliant. Tweet @vitaminwater what’s boring and they’ll #MakeBoringBrilliant.”

10 Unexpected Places Famous Musicians Have Performed

Imagine going about your daily routine when out of nowhere your favorite musician appears and starts singing. Like our sponsor, vitaminwater®, these musicians turned an otherwise boring day brilliant with these unexpected performances. Tweet @vitaminwater what's boring and they'll #MakeBoringBrilliant.

11 Boring Songs Made Brilliant By Other Artists

To the kids who think classical music is boring, perhaps Kanye can help show you Beethoven's brilliance. Or maybe it's the other way around. Check out these brilliant remixes brought to you by our sponsor, vitaminwater. Tweet @vitaminwater what’s boring and they’ll #MakeBoringBrilliant.”

Mustaches You May Not Know Have Bands

Behind many successful bands lies a great mustache. Check out some amazing staches with equally amazing tunes behind them, presented by vitaminwater®.

Unexpected Celebrity Couples From The '80s

Tom and Cher? Brooke and Michael? Here are some couples you probably never would have guessed were hooking up back in the day.

10 Flash Mobs That Caught Everyone By Surprise

Flash mobs can happen anytime, anywhere and anyplace. Where will you be when the next one strikes? Presented by vitaminwater®.

20 Things You Would Never Expect To See Ever

Now here are some things you don't expect to see every day... or ever. But when you do, there's nothing like sharing them with the world. Take a look at some rare wonders, presented by vitaminwater®.

20 Guys You Want To See In Suspenders

You probably wouldn't expect suspenders to make a man hot, but for these fellows, its the cherry on top.

18 Animals You Wouldn't Expect To See Riding Other Animals

Sometimes animals like to hitch a ride from their animals friends. Take a look at some of the most unexpected animal rides, presented by vitaminwater®.

The Most Epic Meme Mashups Of All Time

Memes need friends too! Here are some Memes made better by hanging together, presented by vitaminwater®.

The 10 Most Epic Sax Men Of Our Time

The saxophone is a difficult instrument to master but when used properly, it can become a weapon of mass seduction. Check out some of the most epic and unforgettable saxophonists of all time, presented by vitaminwater®.