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18 Animals You Wouldn't Expect To See Riding Other Animals

Sometimes animals like to hitch a ride from their animals friends. Take a look at some of the most unexpected animal rides, presented by vitaminwater®.

1. This Mouse Riding A Sleepy Cat

2. This Sea Lion Who Thought Taking The Turtle Would Help Him Avoid Traffic

3. This Puppy Who Decided To Hitch A Ride From His Cat Friend

4. This Seagull Who Thought This Pelican Would Get Him There Faster

5. These Four Monkeys Filling Up The Cargo Space Of This Capybara

6. This Cat Just Couldn't Help But To Pick Up Some Chicks

7. A Monkey Takes His Mid-Day Parrot Ride

8. Oh, You Know...Just A Spider Riding A Frog Riding A Turtle

9. A Little Gator King Of The Worlding A Big Gator

10. A Monkey Riding His Goat

11. Monkey Riding A Dog, Rodeo Style

12. Big Dog, Little Owl

13. The Perfect Cat Rooster Ride

14. A Snail Riding A Frog (Or Trying To Be His Hat)

15. Little Dog Riding A Big Dog

16. Guinea Pig Getting Comfy On His Pet Tortoise

17. This Pigeon Who Thought He Could Escape The Bird's Eye View

18. Inspired By: Something Unexpected

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