18 Times Hair Took It To The Next Level

Hair really is an underused art form, as seen in these epic masterpieces. Check out the hair that took it to the next level brought to you by our sponsor vitaminwater and make your boring hair, brilliant. Tweet @vitaminwater what’s boring and they’ll #MakeBoringBrilliant.”

1. The Deamau5

Shaq Safa / Via instagram.com

Complete with dye job!

2. The Hipster Squiggle Stache

Evelynn / Via instagram.com

The glasses and filter add a nice touch.

3. The Batman

Jesus Estrada / Via Twitter: @barberenrique

This really captures Batman’s angst.

4. The Hair Bow

pariee / Via instagram.com

Do you think she used hair bows to make her hair bow?

5. The Gollum

radamesperez / Via instagr-am.appspot.com

Isn’t this …*precious*

6. The Chicago Bulls Tribute

Los Star / Via instagram.com

Best fan ever?

7. The Love

SarahLaSha / Via instagram.com

It’s like a sunburst of follicle beauty.

8. The Gravity-Defier

Daniel Berehulak / Via gettyimages.com

Beards should grow this way naturally.

9. The Scar Face

radamesperez / Via instagr-am.appspot.com

Say hello to his little friend.

10. The Zombie

radamesperez / Via instagr-am.appspot.com

Business in the front, dead guy in the back.

11. The Chest Stache

Qbert / Via instagram.com

A necessary accoutrement for one’s nipples.

12. The Grandpa

robtheoriginal / Via in.5thvillage.com


13. The Steve Jobs

robtheoriginal / Via in.5thvillage.com

Some more respect.

14. The Beetlejuice

Daniel Berehulak / Via gettyimages.com

It just has that vibe, ya know?

15. The Statute Of Liberty

robtheoriginal / Via in.5thvillage.com

This is acceptable only in the land of the free.

16. The Owl

robtheoriginal / Via in.5thvillage.com

This is actually rather classy.

17. The Bridge Beard

Daniel Berehulak / Via gettyimages.com

Complete with a tiny bridge troll …we wish.

18. The B.I.G. Confusion

Los Star / Via instagram.com

Is this actually Biggie or his face made in hair?!

The Artist

vitaminwater is out to make everything that’s boring brilliant. watch all the brilliance that can come from one man’s beard.

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