11 Boring Songs Made Brilliant By Other Artists

To the kids who think classical music is boring, perhaps Kanye can help show you Beethoven’s brilliance. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Check out these brilliant remixes brought to you by our sponsor, vitaminwater. Tweet @vitaminwater what’s boring and they’ll #MakeBoringBrilliant.”

1. "Under The Sea" - Little Mermaid + Rap

We’re not entirely sure who “ill.bell” is or what that means, but we sure do love his rendition of this tired song about how fun it is to be a lobster.

2. "With Arms Wide Open" - Dave Grohl

Before everyone hated Nickleback, everyone hated Creed. “With Arms Wide Open” is one of the most tacky, boring songs of 2000—until Dave Grohl turned it into a hilariously listenable tune.

3. "Beethoven’s Fifth Gold Digger" - Beethoven + Kayne + Walter Murphy

Is it classy? Is it sassy? Is it fun? This song is all of the above — upgrading Beethoven to something the kids will listen to.

4. "Mad World" - Gary Jules

We’re not trying to hate on Tears for Fears because they’re amazing, but being honest, “Mad World” was simply made to be sung by Gary Jules. This song made Donnie Darko everything, whereas the Tears for Fears original with the excessive synthesizing just wouldn’t have had the same effect.

5. "Who Let The Dogs Out (Acoustic)" - Candace Leca and Mike Paglia

Candace Leca & Mike Paglia / Via youtube.com

“Who Let The Dogs Out” wasn’t exactly boring, but it definitely wasn’t good. This cover by some youtube user shrouded in darkness provides a breezy, mature, and dare we say emotional, cover of an originally obnoxious song.

6. "Dora The Explorer" - Dora + Baltimore Club Music

Honestly, what could be more boring than the theme song to a kid’s show about a girl and a backpack and a monkey. Snooze-fest! This song is amped up by the addition of club music because who would have expected this?!?

7. "Mr. Sandman" - Oranger

This song went from making us want to fall asleep (which was the point, no?) to wanting to rage. Oranger amps up this effervescent little diddy to a rock song we want to jam out to.

8. "Muppet Show Theme Song" - Ok Go and The Muppets

Kudos to The Muppets for recognizing that their original theme song could use some sprucing. This Ok Go version is hip whether the other was hop—Kermit style.

9. "Sleazy" - Ben Fold

Some might argue that Kesha is more brilliant than Ben Folds, but 3,752 people on youtube would disagree so we think that settles it. “Sleazy” wasn’t sleazy enough until Mr. Folds upgraded it. We dig it.

10. "Into The Groovey" - Sonic Youth (as Ciccone Youth)

This is one of those songs you didn’t know you needed. Just wow. Madonna’s original “Into The Groove” is good and whatever but so, so tired, and SO 80’s. Sonic Youth’s version is edgy and dark and it just gets us.

11. "Little Too Late" - Daniel Rossen

Holy cow this is good. Jojo’s 2006 original version wasn’t too shabby, but come on, we can’t be caught listening to that now. Daniel Rossen’s version is so classy and sweet. We love it.

That time when B.o.B, Matt & Kim, Santigold and Yung Skeeter made Boring, OR brilliant

Don’t you wish you had been there!?

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