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Blonde, Blue-Eyed Terrorists

Don't worry -- if you visit Yemen, there's only a very remote chance that you'll become a terrorist! Despite the upcoming Senate report, it just doesn't happen very often that blonde, blue-eyed men decide to convert to Islam, marry Yemeni women and train to become terrorists. So come visit!

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  • Sure, Yemeni women are exceptionally beautiful.

  • And it's natural that visitors fall in love with the simple, authentic way of life in Yemen. There's so much to see!

  • But only very rarely does stuff like this happen: "A group of nearly 10 non-Yemeni Americans traveled to Yemen, converted to Islam, became fundamentalists, and married Yemeni women so they could remain in the country." So for now, if you want to see blonde terrorists, you'll have to look for disgruntled vet gun nuts who want to take down the U.S. government!

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